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I enjoy books from many genres and authors, from Emily Bronte to Frank Herbert, Plato to Anne Rice. In addition, I am a pre-published author of Short Stories and Novels.

A Hobbit Devotional: Bilbo Baggins and the Bible

A Hobbit Devotional: Bilbo Baggins and the Bible - Ed Strauss The mythology of the Bible strongly influenced Tolkien's works in Middle Earth along with the mythology of other cultures. Ed Strauss has attempted to identify many of these influences in The Hobbit, although I do not always agree with his conclusions. While this devotional is good as far as it goes, I believe it is difficult to make such an analysis without addressing the intricate and masterful weaves of the many cultures created by the Father of Epic Fantasy.Ed Strauss' book is a good and interesting primer and I would recommend it from an academic standpoint.