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The Eclectic Aggie Cowboy

I enjoy books from many genres and authors, from Emily Bronte to Frank Herbert, Plato to Anne Rice. In addition, I am a pre-published author of Short Stories and Novels.

Just put my first Short Story up for public viewing.

Just published my first short story for the public to read. ‘God and Guns’ is approximately 3500 words.


Synopsis: The Southern States have seceded again. Two young men have a secret, a secret that they cannot reveal to their family, that they dare not even reveal to themselves. A secret that would force them into a re-education camp if discovered…if they are lucky. Their only hope is to escape across the border to the freedom promised by the United States just a few miles away before it’s too late.

It can be read on my blog.


Comments and Votes/Likes (but only if you think it’s worth it) are appreciated.